5 Years, Oil on cardstock photocopied with the New York Times article on the 5th anniversary of the second Gulf War, which included army recruitment and car ads, 2006. Exhibited at Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, 2008.

We began from sludge and muck,

climbed fish ladders of

intestines and erections

through hair and teeth in piles of scat—

20,000 years ago

we crossed the Bering land bridge

dressed in skins and grasses

to emerge

with lips of chrome and rust,

burning mesozoic heat.


Sometimes I feel alone

at the edge of this continent

where my leaves all fall

and rustle to the sea,

but how could I 

be far from you?


We are allotropes

of one another,

pterodactyls rise

from exhaust pipes

to the city sky,

I saw a thousand birds

fly through a thousand windows

but really it was you.

[from “Carbon Rings”]